Garage services & repairs

 New Vehicles

It is commonly believed that to maintain a vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty, servicing must be carried out with a main dealer, this is incorrect.  Our systems and supply chain allows us to offer servicing to new vehicles whilst maintaining the warranty.  Our service system mirrors that of the manufacturer with accurate mileage and timed actions adhered to. Original or manufacturer quality parts are used in line with warranty requirements.

Middle aged

Modern vehicle reliability is dependent on good servicing.  Our service system mirrors that of the manufacturer with accurate mileage and timed actions to adhere to or if your service history is lacking we will work with you and offer a catch up service.  We have our own service history booklet available if yours is missing or full up and needs extending.  Original, manufacturer quality or cheaper aftermarket parts can be chosen.


 Older Vehicles

We are positive and have an interest towards older vehicle and, subject to availability of parts, are more than happy to keep your beloved car going.  We have friends that specialise in classic & vintage vehicle maintenance and restoration so if we cannot help we probably know someone that will.

Commercial Fleet Vehicles

We care for a number of commercial vehicle fleets and this service combines well with our commercial fleet tyre inspection & service provision department.   In house we cater for vehicles up to 3.5 ton gross, larger vehicle are directed to one of several heavy commercial garages that we work with.  We are flexible in our approach to commercial fleet service as needs differ.  Some fleets with heavy commercials include the light commercials in the 6 or 10 weekly inspection policy, we can accommodate this.   Whatever the need we will do our best to offer a solution. 


Main Services



General Repairs



Electronic Fault Diagnostics

Laser Wheel Alignment

ECU Re-mapping

Batteries (Standard, AGM & Start stop)



Windscreen Repair & Replacement

Air conditioning Service & Repair


End of life vehicle disposal





Screen wash