Choosing your tyres

Choosing your tyres

As independent tyre specialists we are free to make impartial recommendations to ensure that you purchase the correct tyre. The following services for cars, light commercial, leisure, 4x4s, motorcycle and mobility are available at our depot:

  • Tyre replacement
  • Tyre safety and MOT checks
  • Tyre wear maximisation
  • Alignment
  • Puncture Repairs

All quotations are inclusive of VAT, a new valve and balance

A “horse for the course” is a rule that applies more to tyres than it does to horses. Incorrect choice of type or make could lead, not only to dissatisfaction, but could render your vehicle unsafe or even illegal.

How to select the correct tyre

Type of vehicle
Car, A.P.V., 4 X 4, Motorhome, etc.
Main Use
Urban, Rural, Distance, Mixed(what ratio)
Annual milage & likely length of ownership
i.e., 2 years at 15,000 miles per annum or 6 years at 5000 miles per annum. Both equal 30,000 but the second scenario needs the tyres to age “gracefully”.
Mileage, road noise, ride comfort, handling, appearance, (4 X 4) – on/off road use – what ratio, towing etc.
Regular Hazards
Tight turns into drive or garage, high potential to sustain punctures or sidewall damage, traffic calming schemes etc.
Consideration of these points will help us to ensure you purchase the best tyre for your vehicle.
For example: A 4×4 used as the family car but towing a caravan for holidays will need a quiet running tyre with good road manners with a small off-road capability. (Known as a 80/20 4 X 4) Conversely, a 4 X 4, possibly a second vehicle, used to tow a horsebox every weekend will need more off road grip. (known as a 60/40 4 X 4).
No tyre to date is “all things to all men” (why manufacture so many different ones if it were so), therefore an informed choice to cover your particular requirements and priorities is essential.