Buyrite mended lots last year!

Buyrite Tyres repaired over 1500 punctures in 2017!

A tyre Puncture is leakage caused by a penetrating object.  Other types of leakage are often presumed as punctures, e.g. perished valve, corroded or cracked wheel etc. Tyres construction has developed to a high degree of complexity. Damage to one or more of its components can result in failure.  It is important to consider the damage to the tyres structure and not simply blockage of the leak.  Liquid puncture sealant products are available but must never be considered permanent, they are often supplied in place of the traditional spare wheel for temporary use however caution should be shown as use of these products goes against safety procedures set out in the British Standard for tyre repair.
BS AU 159f is a British Standard that covers repairs to most road going vehicle tyres.  It states, before tyres are repaired, the tyre’s components must be carefully examined.   It is essential to remove the tyre from the wheel to assess its true condition before a repair can be considered.  Tyres showing signs of excessive damage cannot be repaired and must be taken out of use. The fitting of an inner tube in a punctured or damaged tubeless tyre can never take place of a repair.